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How many times have you tried to get in your best shape?  How many more times are you going to try? The correct is answer is “I am going to keep trying until I am successful.” Persistence and determination are foundational traits of greatness and necessary to achieve your best body ever. However, persistence and determination alone are not the answer. You need an effective plan that includes all 3 Pillars of Power – Physical Training, Effective Eating and Mental Conditioning.

Even beyond persistence, determination and the 3 Pillars of Power there is something so powerful that it DRIVES you forward…never to look back again.

Sounds epic I know.

This force is something I call your RUBICON.

Rubicon is defined as “a limit that when passed or exceeded permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment.”


The best demonstration of this took place in February 1519. When Spanish conquistador, Hernando Cortez, arrived in the Yucatan Peninsula to conquer the Aztec empire. Once on land, Cortez made a decision that sealed his enemy’s fate. He turned to his men and commanded them to “Burn The Ships”. With his army stunned, one asked “how will we get back home to our families?”

Cortez said, “We will conquer the Aztec army and sail home in their ships.”

Simply put Cortez created a point of no return. Win or Die.

PLAN B means you are planning to fail. 

So many times in life, we give ourselves a way out.We call it “PLAN B”. PLAN B gives us permission to fail. But let’s be honest, people often say that this PLAN B exists yet rarely upon questioning can the person tell you what PLAN B is. There is no PLAN B. PLAN B is an excuse for not giving your all. PLAN B is giving into to your fear and doubt. PLAN B is where you hide. But no more.

Now that you are aware of the lie that we all call PLAN B you can use it to DRIVE yourself forward rather than let it hold you back. The good news is that it is simple to do. All that is required is for you to cut off all other possibility. Every excuse, every escape route must be eliminated. You must create your RUBICON. How?

You make a decision.

The word decision comes from the latin root which means “to cut off all other possibility”.

When you make a decision and commit to live by it you draw a line in the sand saying “this is it.”

The BIG Lie and the Simple Truth

I know this isn’t easy. I know a lot of marketers, info-mercials and ads are telling you burning off fat and creating the body you want is quick, fast and easy. That’s the lie. It is not quick, fast or easy. It requires commitment, discomfort, determination and an intelligent approach (more on that in a later post) That’s the truth. You can do it but you need to put yourself in a place where “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.”

You may need to tell everyone you know. You may need to hire a personal trainer to coach you. You may need to make a bet with a friend. You may need to give yourself a deadline. That’s for you to decide.

Create your RUBICON.

Write down what you want and why you want it. See and feel yourself living it. Visualize it in your mind. If you are not familiar with this process watch this video and put yourself in it. Your journey begins now.

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