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When it comes to achieving a lean chiseled body or any goal for that matter, you must first set a target.  You must know what you want.  Yeah, you may be thinking, “I know this, tell me something new.” The problem is not that people don’t know it, it’s that people don’t do it.

There is a HUGE difference between knowing it and OWNING it.

Goal-setting is something almost everyone knows works. Yet few people do it and OWN it.  I have read over 100 biographies and auto-biographies of great men and women and in every instance they all set goals. They all knew exactly what they wanted to achieve.

As a personal trainer and coach, I have worked with thousands of people wanting to improve their bodies. The major difference between those who achieve lasting results and those who flounder like a fish out of water is one thing.

The achievers set clear, compelling physical goals that drive them forward no matter what.

Those that flounder never invest the time to clearly define what they want to achieve. If they do it is something like “I want to lose weight. I want to feel better.  I want more energy.”

Let me ask you a question, does that goal inspire you?

If not, then it sucks. It won’t work.

It must inspire you. Let’s face it. There will be ups and downs on the way to achieving your best body. During the challenging times what is going to keep you heading in the right direction?

A clear compelling vision of your future self.

Take the time to do this now.  Get a pen and paper. Play some music that inspires you. Take a deep breath. Loosen up your body. Now ask yourself, “If there were no limits, what would I want to achieve physically?” Write it down.

Now “When I achieve this how will my life be even better?”  Be specific.

To infuse strength into your goals answer this question honestly, “What am I willing to do to achieve my best body and best life ever?”

The road to physical greatness is not easy.  If you are not willing to make some sacrifices along the way then you will fail.  Your current actions and habits have produced where you are today. To change this you must create new actions and habits. It’s not easy but it is simple.

If you took the time to set your goals then I know you have what it takes to achieve the body you deserve. Congratulations!

Live Greatly,

Billy Beck III

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