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BB3 TV Episode #2

In this episode, Katina and I show you an unconventional core exercise I like to call “Lock, Rock & Roll”. I learned this one from 2-time Women’s Tri-Fitness Champion, Sylvia Ferrero, so you know it’s the real deal.

After we crush the core, I bust a few dance moves (embarassing).

Then hear from an inspiring BB3 client and how she used fitness to breakthrough and live like a lion.  Dani is one heck of a woman and you will learn a lot from her story. One of the best ways to master anything (including your fitness) is to “model” what other successful people have done. Here’s your chance.  Thank you Dani! You’re awesome!

If you missed the last episode of BB3 TV and the “Trilogy” workout you can check that out here: Click here 


There are no short cuts. But it is so worth it.