Blog: Physical Training

The video above details a few myo-fascial release techniques designed to release trigger points found within muscles. These “knots” limit range of motion and if neglected often lead to injury.  The only problem with these techniques is that they often inhibit (shut down) muscles.  When a muscle is inhibited it can not contract properly.  This too can lead to injury and decreased strength and performance. The solution is to perform myo-fascial work and then activate the muscles. There are many ways of doing this and I often use several techniques including Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), Applied Kinesiology, Nutrient Testing or an IGNITE Warm-Up Phase. When I am not physically present with a client, I opt to have them perform the IGNITE Warm-Up Phase. You can get more information and 3 sample workouts here.


The principle to remember is to always have an open mind. Do not blindly accept everything as truth no matter who says it. Whether it’s a Doctor, Oprah, Mr. Olympia or me.

Test it for yourself.

I have learned more with this approach than any other. As I always tell the BB3 Training Team, “DON’T BE A GROUPIE. (that is don’t fall in love with one way of thinking. It limits you.)”
Learn from everyone and test it. This leads to breakthrough thinking and unlimited possibilities.

Live Greatly,

Billy Beck III

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