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Lions & Lionesses!

I snapped a pic of this slide from a presentation I gave in Hawaii to a group of hard working super achievers.  They were not interested in every little detail; they only wanted a simple plan that really worked.

Boom!  Here it is…

8 Daily Actions That Transform Your Mind, Body and Performance

  1. Hydration: Drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water per day.
  2. Eat Foods closest to their natural source.  Avoid processed foods most of the time.
  3. Eat a “Results Meal” (balanced meal) before you are “starving”. Plan your meal times and stick to it.
  4. Keep a daily food journal.  One research study showed 64% increase in results.  Self Awareness is the first step to improving anything in your life.  You don’t know what you don’t know.
  5. Challenge your body with weights and cardio.  Perform Resistance Training and Cardiovascular Conditioning.
  6. Disconnect for at least 10 minutes twice per day.  Sit in “STILLNESS” and be Present during this time. This pays off big time when you make this a habit.
  7. Revisit your goal daily.  Know what you want to achieve, why you want it and be grateful for the opportunity.
  8. Every evening, plan and prepare for the next day. Living in constant reaction leads to stress, poor decision making and less fulfillment in life.  Take a moment to create your day.  The rewards are substantial.

It’s not complicated, my friend.  It’s not easy but it will certainly make your life immensely better when you live it. Don’t worry about being perfect, just get started.

General George Patton said it best, “a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”  You got this!


Billy Beck III

I think everyone would agree, nutrition is the most challenging part.  There is so much misinformation out there. Let’s make it easy breezy for you.  Here is a proven nutrition plan to get lean and mean! Click below

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