Blog: Living It

London, United Kingdom

Sunset from my hotel room.

There is nothing in life that you have to do.

However, everything comes at a cost.

For instance, you don’t have to exercise but it will take a toll on your body, your health & your happiness.

You don’t have to stop drinking alcohol but you won’t burn much fat sipping on wine.

You don’t have to eat healthy nutritionally dense foods but it will rob your body of energy if you don’t.

Everything has a cost.

EVERYTHING has a cost.

What are 3 things that are holding you back from feeling your best and being your best?

What are they costing you?

What would your life be like without them?

How would you feel?

How would you look?

What would your life be like if you swapped these 3 costly habits for 3 new habits that strengthened and energized you?

Hmmmm….something to think about.

The choice is always yours.

Live like a Lion…not a lamb.


Billy Beck III