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When going after a goal of making the world even more awesome you must break through comfort and do things that…well…may be slightly insane and embarrassing. At BB3 Personal Training Center we are doing PUSH UPS For Charity on May 19th. 100% of the proceeds goes toward helping our Wounded Soldiers via the Boot Campaign.

We are 100% committed to raising at least $10,000 to help our injured freedom fighters. If you don’t believe us then watch this video we did at one of the busiest malls in America. Whatever it takes.

I know we’re crazy. But it serves as a great lesson to how you can achieve your all time best body, possess relentless energy and live life to its fullest. The lesson is simple but few truly live by it…


Are you truly willing and committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your physical goals?

Our military are more than 100% willing and committed to defending our freedom and we at BB3 are committed to helping you achieve your physical goals and help our wounded soldiers.

You are personally invited…

We would love for you to join us for PUSH UPS For Charity on May 19th at BB3 Personal Training Center. Here’s how you can help:

1. Join our fund raising push up team.  Get your friends and family to sponsor you based off of how many push ups you crank out. Or if they are hesitant, have them make a lump sum donation. Then come to BB3 on May 19th and see how many push ups you can do in 90 seconds. Collect the funds and help our Wounded Soldiers.

2. Make a donation.  (It is tax-deductible) I know not everyone will help but I do know that our subscribers are loyal and they do take action. Not many people who come to this site are lambs. Sure there may be a few but the majority are in fact…LIONS!

Thank you and Live Greatly my friends,


Billy Beck III

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