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Lions & Lionesses, 

While everyone is different there are principles that work for everyone. When it comes to physical training there is one principle that rules them all.

Challenge Creates Change

The challenge is the spark that ignites the flame of progress.  When most people hear this, they go off and train like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Needless to say, this is far too much for them.  The great thing with the human body is this:

In order to improve all you need to do is more than you are comfortable with.  

Challenge = Change

So here is the million dollar question…

How Do You Know If Your Workout Is Working?

There are four indicators that your body is being challenged.  These four simple success indicators when consistently applied will allow you to know when enough is enough.  This is what I call…

The B.O.S.S. Principle

This acronym makes it easy to remember.

B: Burn.  When your muscles burn this is due to challenging the muscles intensely. The side effect is a natural and healthy release the Human Growth Hormone and an increase in strength and possibly muscle.

O: Out of Breath.  When you challenge your heart and lungs, your body’s reaction is to build more mitochondria within the cell.  This is the physical location where ATP/energy is created and fat is burned.

S: Sweat.  The byproduct of muscular contraction is heat. When body temperature increases, you begin to sweat in order to maintain homeostasis.  Calories are burned.

S: Struggle.  When you perform resistance training and you begin to struggle and you can no longer keep form and/or lift the weight, this is a stimulus for strength and if your nutrition and sleep are sufficient muscle growth may ensue.

There you have it – a simple principle to be sure your workout is working.  Actually it is a method to gauge if YOU are working.  Know what I mean jelly bean.

The key to victory is to win the day. Do the little things each and every day that over time will lead to massive results. It’s not complicated and it’s not a sprint.  It is an ultra marathon, my friend.


Billy Beck III “BB3”

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