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Lions & Lionesses, 

If you have been following my work for any amount of time, then you know that I have been blessed by the quality of humans I have been surrounded by my entire life.  I have trained some of the best athletes on the planet and some of the most successful humans in their chosen fields.

Ever since I was a kid, I wondered why some people kick ass in life and why so many others get their asses kicked.

Today I am going to share with you one of the most important core beliefs of those that crush it in life.  These are humans that are not just famous and wealthy but they are happy and fulfilled.  These are not “trust fund babies”. These souls created life on their own terms.

Here’s the great news: they are not special.  They are like you and me. They possess certain beliefs that cause them to see the world in a better way.  They are not victims; they are creators and leaders.  They never let fear guide them. These humans are hungry and heart-driven.  As they excel they make the world a better place for many others.

As I said, they are just like you but they have some beliefs that make them think and act differently.  If you desire it, then you can change your beliefs and create life just as they did (If you are willing to put in the time and effort.)

It’s obviously not easy.

I’m talking being consistently and relentlessly obsessed with mastering your beliefs.  Most people won’t do what is required.  That is your choice.  I am here to plant a seed.  You must water it and nourish it daily for it to grow into a mighty oak.  That’s the truth.  If you are in it to win it then read on…


Most people try a few things and give up. They give some effort. They give some focus.  Then when shit gets tough or inconvenient they say “fuck it”.  That’s a typical human response.

Then there are others who try a lot of different things. They get super excited and enthusiastic for a few weeks and then they get frustrated or bored.  Then they go on to the next thing. They get off on trying new shit. Nothing wrong with that except you never get very far if don’t go all in.

The few CHOOSE ONE PATH and give it their all.

Here is something to chew upon. Guard your mind from distractions and shiny objects.



When you are all in, something clicks. The world bends to your will.

If you want to get into the best shape of your life then make it your top priority.  Give yourself at least two years and give it everything.  Change your schedule. Get a GREAT COACH. Study. Learn. Read. Get your hands dirty.

Get to your goal then adjust to maintain your results.

But for the Love of God and All Things Holy, GO ALL IN.

No excuses. You are either ALL IN or you are not.

Half-assed attempts only lead to frustration.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times.  This is not opinion. This is fact.

Look at every successful human you admire and you will see the undeniable truth.

There are no shortcuts.

Choose One Path. GO ALL IN.

You can do this.

You are strong, not weak

You are a Lion, not a lamb,

Billy Beck III “BB3” 

“Guard your mind from distractions. Choose ONE Path. 100% Commitment. When you are all in, something clicks. The world bends to your will.” – BB3


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