Blog: Mental Conditioning

Powerful song to listen to when you are training.

I recommend putting it on repeat.

This is why.

Whatever you focus on during your workouts becomes part of your blueprint..the software of your mind.

During training sessions you have an incredible opportunity to expand…to become more.

Just like a Tony event there is movement and there is music.

However, most people lamb it up.

They miss the big one.

They fail to “Focus”.

Lambs think…

“How many more freakin reps do I have left? This hurts. I can’t wait till I’m done. What do I have to do today? Is this almost over. Ugh..I hate this shit!”

Let others bitch and complain but not you.

You are more than that.

Instead stand like a soldier or your favorite superhero.


Act as if you were stepping into your future self. Your True Self. Your Higher Self. The Lion.


“I AM intending that I will give my absolute best and that I will be rejuvenated.

I am commanding energy, vitality and strength in my body now and the rest of this day!

I will conquer this day and leave it better than when I arrived!

I AM strong.

I AM determined.

No thing or no one can disturb my peace of mind.


I AM here to lead…to serve.

I AM a Force for Good.

I AM not a lamb.

I AM a fucking Lion!

I was made for this!

Let’s do this!”

What would happen if you did this in the morning for 20-30 minutes while you were training.

6 days per week without fail.

Would you enjoy your training even more?

How would you feel?

How would you treat others?

Would you be more creative and productive or less?

Would you be more loving and grateful towards yourself and others or less?

What would you achieve?

What could possibly stop you?


This is the true purpose of Training.

To reveal your full potential.

The look is the side effect.

It is imminent.

However, the real reward is something far greater.



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