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One of my best friends on the planet earth is Tony Robbins. I’m also his trainer.  Funny thing is that I listened to his Personal Power audio program when I was 13 years old.  At the time, my greatest desire was to be the best baseball player that I could be so I can play in the PONY League World Series.  Although I practiced baseball like a madman I was not improving until I added the mental conditioning aspect.  In one season, I went from dud to stud, from zero to hero, from…ok…I’m done. Any way, I made the all-star team and I am forever grateful for his guidance then and now.  It was a true honor being on his podcast.  There is a ton of information in this one check out the highlights below.

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[01:53] Episode introduction
[03:55] Segment 1: Tony on the fundamental steps of lasting change
[04:40] Food as a way of getting out of pain and into pleasure
[05:09] You don’t succeed using willpower alone
[05:51] Decide what you want and what’s preventing you from having it
[06:30] Repetition is the mother of skill
[07:15] The importance of focusing on what you want
[08:00] Define what your compelling target is
[08:45] Why leverage is key to losing weight
[09:30] Decide on something, and stick to it
[10:00] Download the Breakthrough app
[10:30] Segment 2: Dr. Dean Ornish on how to change mind and body
[11:16] The power of meditation and focusing energy
[11:45] When you focus your mind, it has an effect on your body
[12:39] Quieting your mind and body for performance
[12:56] What sets world class athletes apart from the rest
[13:15] Lifestyle changes to prevent Type 2 Diabetes
[13:35] The Navigator Study
[14:17] Get your blood sugar down to avoid complications
[14:46] Reframe the fear of change to joy
[15:13] The power of neuroplasticity
[15:47] How to combat cognitive decline with diet
[16:20] Increasing neurogenesis with food
[17:03] The spectrum approach to health
[18:00] The different categories of foods within the spectrum
[18:50] Ask yourself: how much are you willing to change?
[19:37] Plants are the optimal way of eating
[20:20] Why sugar can be toxic
[20:46] The benefits of fish oil
[21:36] Americans are eating more fat than ever
[22:15] The real epidemic: loneliness and depression
[22:58] It’s not how long we live, it’s how well
[23:20] Compassion and love heal separation
[22:50] Use the experience of suffering for transformation
[24:24] Learn more about Life and Wealth Mastery
[24:50] Segment 3: Interview with Billy Beck, Tony’s personal trainer
[27:43] What Billy does to maintain peak performance
[28:24] The practice of purpose when training
[29:20] Tony’s morning adrenal support cocktail
[28:38] PM, red light lasers, and applied kinesiology
[30:10] Dr. Jerry Tennant’s device
[30:26] Breakfast, Egoscue, Rebounding, Cryotherapy
[31:30] Dr. Jerry Tennant and the idea of voltage
[32:35] Eat foods that are as close to the source as possible
[33:20] The truth about red light therapy
[34:15] Exercise for a higher purpose than losing weight
[34:40] Billy’s purpose and long-term vision
[35:33] Doing workouts with intention, not just to look good
[36:40] Traditional fitness says “you’re not enough”
[37:20] The stories we tell ourselves only hold us back
[37:54] The new paradigm: I am worthy
[38:44] What holds people back from getting healthier
[39:22] The story of Milo of Creton
[40:12] The 3 types of exercise
[41:00] The higher the voltage, the stronger the immune function
[42:00] How to build ATP
[42:25] Billy Beck’s 7 day challenge
[42:53] The best ratio: testosterone high, cortisol low
[43:51] Training of professional athletes vs. non professional athletes
[44:03] Sage Robbins’ experience of working with Billy
[46:20] #1 health myth – no pain, no gain
[46:48] Stimulate your body, don’t annihilate it
[47:03] The BOSS principle – how you know if your workout is working
[48:02] The core principles that work for every human being
[48:28] Drink enough water
[49:07] Eat whole foods, avoid processed
[49:30] Create a routine
[50:22] How intermittent fasting can help with decision making
[50:45] Broccoli sprouts and the work of Dr. Rhonda Patrick
[51:39] Study on intermittent fasting
[52:37] Emotional hunger vs. physical hunger
[53:15] Why it’s important to have integrity with yourself
[53:34] Billy Beck’s 7 day challenge /12 day primer

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