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Enter Purdeep: What if you could face the day with more energy and get more done? What if every day held purpose and possibility? What if you could take on the world with the confidence fo a raging bull? That’s what it means to live your life in beast mode.

Billy Beck III is trusted by some of the world’s most driven and successful people to help them get the most out of every day. Last week, he shared his background story with us. This week, he shares what today looks like.

Wanna grab life by the horns? Start by listening to this episode. You’ll discover:

  • The biggest mindset problem that holds men back from good health and wealth
  • How culture sets us up for failure
  • Why the first seven years of your life are the most important
  • The best way to get past the slump that follows success
  • Why working out to look good will always let you down
  • The best time of the day to get in your workout
  • What the toughest people all have in common
  • One simple trick to get past the struggles that most people give up on
  • The biggest mistake even the experts make when building up their bodies (and what to do instead)
  • How to get the most out of your workout in only 20 to 30 minutes a day
    And a lot more.

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Nathan: Helping you build a better business, so you can lead a better life. This is The Male Entrepreneur podcast with Purdeep Sangha.

Nathan: All right. Welcome back to The Male Entrepreneur podcast, with the male entrepreneur himself, Purdeep Sangha. Purdeep, how you doing today man?

Purdeep Sangha: Another awesome day, Nathan. You know how it is.

Nathan: It is an awesome day because we’ve got a return of a guest, last week’s episode was phenomenal. I was blown away by this guy’s story, and you were able to get him to come back on and do another episode this week. I’m waiting on pins and needles here.

Purdeep Sangha: Yeah, super excited. Billy’s … Well, I just unveiled that right there. Billy Beck III is back here again. And so, today we’re going to talk to Billy about some of the tactical stuff that you guys out there can implement in your life to really up your game when it comes to your fitness, your health, and just your vitality and life. Billy, thanks for jumping on the show again with us.

BB3: Thanks, Purdeep. Thanks, Nathan. It’s great to be here again.

Purdeep Sangha: Yeah. I want to thank you again, Billy, from the bottom of my heart, because I know you’re super busy. You travel the world with some pretty high profile people, so thanks for taking the time out. Billy, can we get into some tactical stuff? You work with some pretty high performing guys.

BB3: Mm-hmm

Purdeep Sangha: What are some of the challenges that you see that are common across guys? What would be the top one or two challenges that really hold them back from either the fitness level or just attaining happiness or vitality in life?

BB3: Yeah. That’s a really good question, actually, and I think about this a lot. I think for almost everybody that struggles, it’s they think the answer is something outside of them. If it’s coming to working out, they need to have a six pack in order to get the woman of their dreams. You know what I mean? Or if it’s business, that they need to get a loan or they need a business partner, they need something to line up. Everything outside me has to line up, and the truth is, everything’s inside you that you need and you don’t need all these things.

BB3: You need more knowledge, obviously, that’s why people listen to your show, and that’s just got to be a habit. And that’s a habit of really successful people I work with, they’re always learning. But the main thing is, is the answer is not outside you, it’s always inside you. I always talk about lions and lambs as a metaphor, because everyone is born a lion and you’re born into perfection.

BB3: You see a baby and there’s endless potential here. And then, what happens is, is from the time you’re born to the age of seven, we’re in a theta brainwave state, and that’s where we’re learning to survive, we’re developing our beliefs about the world. And that becomes our blueprint for how we respond and react in the world.

BB3: If you never take the time to work on that and change it, you’re stuck with it. And sometimes, you get lucky and you just happen to have some good beliefs that support you, and then other times, people are screwed because of that. But those things can be changed, but a lot of people don’t know that they can change them.

BB3: And people have known this for thousands of years. Marcus Aurelius talked about what you think you become, right? And so, every successful person knows this, and a lot of people have heard it, but they don’t know it. And the difference between hearing something and knowing it is actually having complete faith in it and living it.

Purdeep Sangha: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BB3: I would say that the biggest struggle people have, especially guys, is they think the answer’s outside of them. They don’t think they’re enough. And then the way fitness is, you know how I teach it because we worked together, and the way fitness is, is the whole culture of fitness is totally fucked up. And I’ll tell you a story because I was talking to a very famous author and they were given a book they wanted me to give to Tony Robbins, and I vet everything for the guy and I’m not going to waste his time with stuff, and they had a really good message.

BB3: They said all the right stuff to me. They said, “The fitness industry is so messed up. They make people judge themselves and judge others, and it doesn’t actually add to their wellbeing.” And I was like, “Yeah, yeah.” And then I’m looking at their book, and I knew this person’s material, and I’m like, “Wow, I can’t believe you’re saying it because their message isn’t clear,” and then I just told them. I’m like, “You’re full of shit.” I was like, “You’re a marketer. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re a great marketer, in fact.” I was like, “You almost had me for a second.” But the cover of your book says, “Lose 20 pounds in 20 days. You’re reinforcing the very thing that makes people feel like they’re not enough.”

BB3: And so, they’re bringing in to the lambs. The lamb is the fear, it’s the thing you learn in those first seven years of your life, where you were taught to live in fear because you’re a little kid, you’ve got no way of defending yourself, so now you have to rely on others, and you think everything’s outside of you. You don’t know that you’re powerful beyond … you’re stronger than you know.

BB3: And so, the lion in you knows these things. That’s the part of you that is divine, that is God in you, the perfection. And that’s your unlimited self, your higher self, you could call it. And that’s the truth, and we forget that. It’s not that you have to change anything, you have to remember who you really are.

BB3: But our culture is designed to tell you, we’re trying to sell people stuff, make them feel like you’re not enough, you’re not enough, you’re not good enough, you kind of suck, you need to do this thing. And when you do this thing, then you’ll be what you want to be. And none of those things are correct.

BB3: And so, the lion is the truth, and so the way you reconnect with that is when someone trains … I use exercise modality, I reel people in because they want to look a certain way, have this goal, but if I train them based on their looks, they will fail long-term. They won’t stick to it. Or, they will be the person that judges themselves in the mirror instead of seeing what’s great about your body and be grateful for it, they start to say, “Oh, I need to lose this thing here. They start inching things.” Or, “I need more muscle here,” or, “I’m so weak in this exercise, I need to do more of that.”

BB3: And really what you’ve got to do is before you train, you need to set intention. Your intention is to connect with what’s real, what’s true, who you really are. The lion, not the lamb. And so, you want to banish fear and step into complete faith and certainty, and from that place, anything is possible, but you need to train it, you need to command it, you need to demand it.

BB3: And so, when you train, you say, “Today in this training session, I am intending to give my very best every rep, and my main objective is to stay focused on the truth, on who I really am, the lion. And during this, my theme, my mantra, is this.” And maybe it’s strength, maybe it’s faith, maybe it’s honor. Whatever the word is, and then the entire time, as you’re doing the workout, you’re focused on that. You’re focused during the rest period, you’re staying focused on that. And that is meditation.

BB3: Meditation, when you sit there, is great, but it’s like kindergarten. Anyone can sit, close the door, turn the lights off, play nice music, sit on the pillow, and kind of let go. That’s not easy, though, but once you get there, once you master that part, once you get past kindergarten, where do you go? You need to turn the lights on. You need to move around. You need to take on stress, and then stay focused in that straight.

BB3: Can you connect to your high self, your true self, your best self, and live in the world? That’s what it comes down to, because you are who you are under stress. You find out who you are, and who you are, if it’s that lamb, it’s very disappointing, and that leads to a life of regret. Fear always leads to regret. Playing it safe leads to regret. But when you step into faith and love and compassion and vitality, there are no limits, really. And people would hear that. They don’t know until they experience it.

BB3: People get to a certain point of success, I think especially men. You say, “Okay, I want to go to college and I want to have this profession, then I want to get a wife, then I want to have kids,” and then they kind of do well, and then they get stuck. They’re like … because they don’t have a vision beyond that. And so, that’s the time, when you’re in that tunnel, so to speak, to go to the next level and envision it. And people are like, “I don’t know what I want to do.” You don’t know because you’re not connected to your high self. You’re not connected to the lion.

BB3: By training that way and connecting, you have revelations. You have access to information you didn’t even know was possible. Sometimes when I’m training, something happens and something will pop in my head about a client or something, I’m like, “Oh my God, I think it’s this,” and then I’ll talk to the people that know these things. And they’re like, “Yeah, that is it. You need to run this test to confirm it.” You run the test and you’re like, “Holy shit.” I don’t even know where that comes from. It’s freaky. Some people would probably be like, “It’s bullshit.” Maybe, if you think that, but you will never experience it if you have that belief.

BB3: The way I look at things, because I’m very, not skeptical, I’m always open to results, and I know I don’t know everything and I think that’s important. But then you’ve got to come in and say, “Okay, I’m going to give this all I got. I’m going to give this thing every opportunity to be successful, and I’m going to learn it, and I’m going to see if this is true.” And that’s what I would suggest.

BB3: When you train, don’t train for the six pack, train to connect to your high self. The six pack comes, but the problem is, if you’re doing it and then you get stressed, and now you’re missing workouts and that six pack starts to fade, you get frustrated and you’re just like, “Fuck it. I’m done.”

Purdeep Sangha: Yeah.

BB3: I think that’s the most important thing someone can do, especially a man.

Purdeep Sangha: Yeah, absolutely, and I can just confirm that, just in regards to working out. Those moments that I feel best throughout the day are doing the workouts, and when you get into that zone, when you get into that, I don’t even know how to explain it, but it’s like you’re connecting to a higher level of energy. You get that blood flowing through you and you’re shaking, every cell in your body is just giving it, you know that you hit that pinnacle, that peak.

Purdeep Sangha: I think so many guys, if you haven’t felt that, you need to because it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s what drives you throughout the day, and that’s why I go and workout, and Billy, you’re probably the same, first thing in the morning, is because I challenge myself completely first thing in the morning, and I kick my own ass so that when I hit the world out there, I’m prepared. No one else can kick my ass because I’ve already done it.

Purdeep Sangha: And so, the second thing that you hit, Billy, was really important, the meditation part, because we do. People talk about being enlightened and meditation and stuff and sitting there cross-legged, shave your head, you look like Buddha. Right? But that’s not what life is really about, that’s not true enlightenment. True enlightenment is living your life to the fullest.

BB3: Yes.

Purdeep Sangha: While you’re awake, while you’re conscious, while you’re out there observing things, and taking everything in. I just love that point where you said that meditation is outside of just sitting there with your eyes closed, because that is the easy way to meditate. You got to live like you’re, not meditating, but you’ve got to live and actually take everything in while your eyes are open, as well. Thank you for sharing that. That’s so important.

BB3: My pleasure. It is important, too. And I learned that the hard way, let me tell you.

Purdeep Sangha: Yeah, I bet.

Purdeep Sangha: And Billy, for you, you have a lot of high profile clients. I know you can’t speak about all of them, but you can tell me some of the characteristics? Who are some of the toughest guys or gals that you’ve trained with, and why do you think that they’re so successful in life?

BB3: Well, I’ll tell you one. I trained The Rock, I trained Tony Robbins, I trained hundreds of professional athletes, I’ve trained five heavy weight boxing champions of the world, and the toughest one, believe it or not, were these two little teenage figure skater girls.

Purdeep Sangha: Wow.

BB3: By far.

Purdeep Sangha: Seriously?

BB3: And I learned so much from these two girls. They were incredible. I mean, I could not judge … I could not determine how hard to push them. I couldn’t figure out, because they were trained to smile no matter what, right? They are smiling, they were joyful when they trained. It was the most incredible thing, and I’m like, “Does it burn? Does it hurt?” They’re like, “Yes.” I’m like, “What?” I was so inspired by them. And one of the things …

BB3: I had a chance to ask Arnold Schwarzenegger a question once when I was at the Arnold Classic, and I remember, I was like, I’m dying to ask this because no one’s ever asked him before, and I said, “Arnold, you had all these training partners, they did the same program as you, and a lot of times they would burn out.” And I was like, “But a lot of times, they would stick it out with you, but they never won anything.” Franco Columbu did, but he didn’t even do the full workouts because he had a different body structure. He didn’t need to.

BB3: And I talked to some people that trained with him to confirm it, too, because maybe he’s out of his mind, I don’t know. Right? And he’s not. He’s in his mind. He’s somewhere else. I don’t know. That guy’s amazing. And he says, “You know, when I trained, I knew my ultimate vision. I knew that when I trained, every rep brought me closer to what I wanted, and that was to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time.” And he goes, “When I’m training, I’m envisioning myself, like all the other bodybuilders looking up and I’m holding the trophy, and they’re all worshiping me,” which is a little crazy, but that’s what he was doing.

BB3: And then, really what some of his training partners told me were he was always having fun when he trained, and he was pushing hard. He was laughing, he was joking around, he loved the process. One thing I tell people to do when they train, especially when people are getting started, I was like, “When you’re training, just say, ‘I love this shit,’ and then laugh for no reason.” Because you start to program your subconscious mind to go to that, so when you are stressed, you will go to something that you love, something that gives you comfort, not cupcakes, freaking something that will make you better and get you through the tough time, so you can be more resourceful for yourself than others.

Purdeep Sangha: Yeah. That’s awesome. I love that. Laugh, right? That whole mental exercise of laughing while you’re putting yourself through pain. That’s actually brilliant. I love that idea.

BB3: Yeah. On that part, no pain no gain is the biggest myth ever, because people watch Rocky movies and they think that’s how you’re supposed train. That’s not how you train, you’re not supposed to run in the snow with a log on your back, that’s ridiculous. You know what I mean? It doesn’t even make you a better fighter either. It makes you mentally strong, and it’s kind of cool, but if you actually did a training montage of people who are supposed train, it would not look cool at all and that movie would be a massive failure. It looks different.

Purdeep Sangha: Yeah, it’s funny you say that because now, with the training routine that you put me on, and I have been on for months now, is I’m kind of in the corner where there’s the exercise ball and there’s the lighter weights, and there’s more chicks in that area rather than the heavy weights that I used to train in.

Purdeep Sangha: And so, when I first started doing that, I’m like, “Damn Billy, what’re you making me do here, man? I’m totally out of my comfort zone. This is not how it’s supposed to be.” Those workouts were just killer, and I soon realized that, “Wow. It’s not the way it should look, but I’m getting the results.” And that was the most important thing.

BB3: Yeah, and I think something that really people don’t understand is I used to lift the heaviest weights, I was a knucklehead. You said train big, get big, right? It’s a lift heavy, get strong, all these stupid phrases. And I trained with Vince Taylor, if you guys don’t know who Vince Taylor is, look him up, just Google him and look at images, that guy is jacked. He’s 57 years old now, he still looks like that.

BB3: But he goes, “Hey Billy, you want to do arms with me today?” I was like, “Yeah.” And I’m like, “All right, I’m going to crush it. I’m training with Vince Taylor.” And then, I got like 40 pounds dumbbells doing curls, he got like a 20 pound dumbbell. He’s got like 20 inch arms and I’m like, “What’re you doing? Warming up? You got an injury?” And he goes, “No.” And I’m like, “What?” He goes, “You got to romance the muscle.”

BB3: And he had such focus, and when he lifted a weight, he didn’t do it passively, and I have to give him credit for this because he taught me this, so now it’s one of the core principles I teach, is that when you lift the weight, you don’t let the weight cause the resistance, you command and demand that every muscle works, that every rep is like the last. It’s like if you had a wet towel and you’re trying to ring out every last drop, you want to flex it to that point because that equals 100 reps, when you do one rep like that, if you think about it.

BB3: When I teach people to do that, I did a seminar at my training center a few weeks ago, and people were pretty high level people, and they’re like … We’re in the warmup and they’re burnt out because it’s that command and demand. There is not a wasted rep. You savor every rep. And if anyone is working out there, I would challenge them to do that. Do one workout, your normal workout, with that focus and intensity. There’s no way you’ll complete it if you’re really doing it.

BB3: People hold planks, right? You know how people hold planks? Some will say, “I’ll hold a plank for five minutes.” And I’m like, “Let me show you something.” This Russian dude taught me this, and he’s like, “We do planks for 30 seconds.” I’m like, “I’ll do that in my sleep.” He comes over and he’s like kicking everybody in the side, and he goes, “Hang tight,” and he’s like, “Flex every muscle in your body.”

BB3: 30 seconds is more than enough. When you flex every muscle in your body for 30 seconds, it’s incredible challenge for the body, and it changes as a result. But most people are passively working out, they’re not focused. They’re thinking about how many more reps, what do I got to do today? There’s so many things I’ve got to take care of. And they’re not present at all.

BB3: And so, you can train in 20-30 minutes and get insane results because hormonally, your testosterone, the hormones that cause you to build and regenerate, that give you energy and vitality, they’re at their peak at 20 minutes of intense training. The hormones which tear you down, the stress hormones, cortisol primarily, is at their lowest. That’s the best ratio.

BB3: As you train, at about 40 minutes, they intersect, and your body will use luteinizing hormone to get a little bump of testosterone. I train an athlete, I train them for 55 to 60 minutes because it’s a sport, it’s different. If I’m training a regular person, I’m going to try to get them in 20 to 30 minutes with maximum impact, like every rep counted. And that makes a huge difference.

BB3: But with regular people that aren’t professional athletes, I want this to channel into every other area of their life. I don’t want them to be exhausted the rest of the day, then suck at being a husband, or suck at being a dad, suck at being a boss, suck at being everything, and being a friend. And so, what we do is we take them to the point where they’re at their best, and then we stop, then we refuel the body and you carry that with you the rest of the day.

BB3: And your body transformed, but the biggest thing is, you’re a badass the rest of the day. If you do that six times a week, in three or four months, you start to wake up as that lion again. You’re like, “Oh, this is who I am.” And it’s not that you changed, you remembered who you were, because you’re not broke, so there’s nothing to fix.

BB3: It’s like having an old car and it hasn’t been washed in years. If you go to Cuba, you see these old cars, but you go in a garage and you polish that car and you realize, “Man, that’s a beautiful car. That’s an amazing machine.” But it’s just because of the outside, it’s covered up with some gunk, and that’s that fear. And once you wipe that fear away, then it’s a whole new world and there are no limits.

Purdeep Sangha: That’s awesome. I love that. So many good points here, and I think you’ve squashed a lot of myths for guys, because guys, that’s one of the things, right? Fitness is a big part of guys’ life, and there’s so many different things that you go and see men’s magazines, you see all these different types of magazines and the perfect figure, and then you say, “Okay.” You see the workouts in there, and then you’re like, “I got to train like that,” and you see the videos. But a lot of that is just fluff, like you pointed out.

Purdeep Sangha: And so, I just want to close it up here, Billy. What would be your last message for guys out there? Guys that are struggling with, whether it’s self-confidence, whether it’s with fear, feeling not good enough, what would be your last message for them?

BB3: Well, if they’re feeling like they’re not good enough, the biggest thing is you need to train. That’s what it is. You need to willingly wake … People let comfort dictate how they live their life. What you have to do is you would need to willingly and eagerly step into discomfort and challenge yourself to enjoy the shit out of it. Because what happens is, when someone doesn’t feel confident, they’re avoiding challenges, and you want to get to the point where you’re like, “Bring it. I love this shit.”

BB3: And that’s what you have to do, but people are playing it safe. They’re like, “I don’t feel like waking up in the morning,” then do it. “I don’t feel like training,” then do it. “I don’t feel like eating better,” then do it. Because success is not what we feel like doing, it’s about doing what you need to do to live your best life even when you don’t feel like it. And if that’s a big problem for you, you need to change the way you feel. You’re responsible, no one else.

BB3: Some people, like, “Oh, it’s a rainy day and I don’t feel like doing anything. I just feel like laying in bed.” Well, that’s your choice. Lay in bed and have a life of regret or get your ass up. You’re always in control, and a lot of people like to blame … If you’re going to do another thing, I would just say, “I’m never going to blame anyone again, because I’m 100% responsible for everything in my life.”

Purdeep Sangha: Oh, sweet. Awesome way to just close out this episode, Billy. Really appreciate it. Again, thank you for being on the show. Tons and tons of great, valuable information here.

Nathan: I’m going to second that. A fantastic episode. And just to close it out, I know you’re a little bit hesitant about sharing it, but I checked out your website in between the two podcast episodes and I really enjoyed it. Where can people go if they want to check out more from Billy Beck?

BB3: Well, that’s where I post most of my stuff. And then, I have coaching clients. I don’t take everybody, obviously, but you can apply to be a coaching client there. If I don’t take you, it’s nothing personal, I just don’t think I can help you where you’re at, at that point. And usually, we refer you out to somebody else if that’s the case.

Nathan: Awesome. Another fantastic episode. Thank you both for putting this together. And until next time, Purdeep, where can people check out more episodes of the podcast?

Purdeep Sangha: We’ll keep it simple.

Nathan: Sweet. All right, man. You guys have a good one and we’ll catch you later.

Purdeep Sangha: Until next time, guys.

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