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In this episode, I team up with my good friend & BB3 Client Katina Taylor to show you “The TRILOGY”
The “TRILOGY” is a quick, killer core and cardio workout that you can do anytime, anywhere.

After Katina and I are done, I interview another incredible BB3 client, Suzette Bravo.

Suzette lost her husband unexpectedly.  Life isn’t always fair but Suzette’s story of how she overcame this challenging time in her life will surely inspire.  There are a lot of lessons that you can put to use now.  Suzette is not a lamb, she is a LION!  Don’t miss this! You are going to love it!

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In case you were wondering, this episode was filmed at BB3 Fitness & Nutrition Center located at the totally awesome Bonaventure Resort & Alaya Spa in Weston, South Florida (just 15 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale and 30 minutes North of Miami)

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"LIVE LIKE A LION...not a lamb"

“LIVE LIKE A LION…not a lamb”