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BB3 TV Episode #3

In this week’s action-packed episode, the trainer of trainers, best-selling author of “Strength Training for Fat Loss” and my rock climbing buddy, Nick Tumminello shares his vast knowledge on how to achieve your best body.

Some of the Highlights:

  • Nick takes me through his Push-Up Pyramid workout.  (see below for details)  Just a warning, I did this when we were rock climbing which rendered me useless.  My arms and chest were sore for days.
  • See some clips of me training 2-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs. “Let’s Go Champ!”
  • Then I interview Nick Tumminello as he dispels some common fitness myths.
  • Can you lose fat from one area of your body?  What about “Spot Enhancement?”
  • What makes a great trainer? The trainer of trainers shares his thoughts

Nick Tumminello’s Push Up Pyramid (of Pain!)

  • Push-up Lock Offs
  • Cross-over Push-ups
  • Close Grip Push-ups
  1. Begin by knocking out 5 reps per side of the lock offs and cross-overs. Then finish with 10 reps of close-grip push-ups.
  2. Rest while your partner in crime goes.
  3. Then knock out 4 reps of the lock offs and cross-overs followed by 8 reps of close-grip.
  4. Next time decrease to 3 reps, 3 reps and 6 close-grip.
  5. Then drop to 2 reps, 2 reps and just 4 close-grip push-ups.
  6. Finish with 1 rep, 1 rep and 2 of the close-grip push-ups.

Be sure to watch this week’s episode of BB3 TV to see the proper exercise technique and if you haven’t seen these ones check ’em out!

To check out  Nick’s awesome book simply Click Here

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