Blog: Living It

Here are some highlights from this week’s episode of BB3 TV:

  • 36 seconds: “The Appetizer” 3 Movements To Work Your Full Body! Beginner & Advanced options
  • 2 min 12 sec: An Advanced Push-Up variation
  • 2 min 42 sec: Walking on a bed of broken glass (for real)
  • 3 min 25 sec: Ross Sabbath, how he crushed cancer with courage (powerful stuff!)
  • 5 min 09 sec: Ross’s Secret Workout Weapon
  • 6 min 16 sec: Ross’s Effective Nutrition Strategy

If you missed the last episode of BB3 TV featuring Nick Tumminello’s “Push-Up Pyramid” workout you can check it out by clicking below.

Episode #3: Nick Tumminello’s Push-up Pyramid Workout & More 

Next week’s episode of BB3 TV, I share a little-known technique to overcome back pain, increase strength and get faster results with any lower body exercise.  If you want a strong back side then you will love this!

Live like a Lion,

Billy Beck III “BB3”