Blog: Effective Eating

Another Transformation! 🦁💪🙏


Ask yourself:

“What do I need to Be and Do to make progress today?

✅ Summon the Lion by joyfully crushing the morning Training session! Stand Tall, Smile, Laugh, Enjoy The Challenge!

✅Drink 1/2 your bodyweight in pounds in ounces of water today! If you weigh 200 pounds then drink 100 oz (approximately 3 Liters)

✅Eat Mindfully to overcome emotional and excessive eating. Breathe. Cultivate Gratitude. Be Fully Present. Avoid tv or your phone or any type of distraction. Distracted eating has been shown to cause humans to eat 40% more than they need!

✅Master these then add the next daily habits! Stay tuned!

And remember you were born a Lion…not a lamb!

You got this! 💪🦁🙏