Scott Neil

scott neil

All I can say is thank you! This program has been amazing and life changing!!

I have been training with Billy for over a year now and my life has literally transformed! I’ve gone from tired, achy and sore…. to fit, unlimited energy and mastering my state!

I have blown thru several limiting beliefs and am now a better human than before!

I used to believe that I had a finite amount of energy and as I used it up throughout the day I just got tired. Because I believed it, that was my experience. I was always tired. NOW I know that the more I move the more energy I create! What a game changer! I have unlimited energy and I literally feel better than I have for decades!!

I used to tell myself (any everyone around me) that if I don’t eat every meal then I get “hangry”. I had tried fasting many times for spiritual reasons and would get headaches and be miserable (not very spiritual). I now believe I am the master of my mind and body and I have mastered food as well. I tell my body what it needs and give it what it needs.

Skipping breakfast on cardio days and two meals on Sunday became easy! No big deal. It also made me conscious and aware of how often I’m thinking about my next meal and anticipating it. Once I had made that decision and made it a must to fast those meals and fully committed to it is when it became simple. And thru the process I actually recognized I had more time. During those fasting times I could focus on more productive things than eating! I actually appreciated having more time that what I had previously allocated to eating.

My body feels strong. My muscle definition is visible for the first time in my life. By leading thru example 3 of my children have started exercising regularly on their own. My two sons are freaking ripped for 13 and 15 years old! They come and ask dad for advice on their workouts and how to eat healthy. My wife is on her journey to become more fit thru diet and exercise and at work there is a trend of eating healthy and exercising that I
know is coming from me living it and others seeing my transformation.

This 12 weeks have truly transformed my body. I went from 36” waist pants to a 32. My pants got big and my shirts got small around the arms!

My entire body has transformed: my forearms are well defined my biceps and triceps are larger and defined. For the first time in my life I can actually see a six pack. My chest and back are cut and built. My calves, legs and waist have just transformed. I move like a panther. I can train and move and challenge my body each day and I love it.

But by far my biggest win was really getting this into my body (literally) and fully understanding this patter of success. I now know that I can set any goal and achieve it.

I fully understand that adding discipline to any course of action has a compounding effect and that is where the power lies.

My health is core for me so that I can be present and serve my family and community. I have 6 amazing children. I love each and everyone of them and want to teach them and give them all the things that can help them live more happy, successful and fulfilling lives. One of my sons has a rare genetic condition. He needs ongoing surgeries and lifelong care. As his Dad I have this honor and responsibly. I have a renewed confidence in how I can show up. I am certain both he and the rest of my family will have all the love, support and care they deserve. I AM committee to greater living. I AM committed to serving and helping others in my community live better lives. This is the new ME, the empowered ME, the healthy, stronger ME. I AM an athlete! I will never ever miss a training session. I will train my mind and body for the rest of my life and I will add life to my years and years to my life. I AM a Lion!