Dear Billy,

When we started this UFBS challenge, you asked me to define my compelling future and I responded with a list:  self-mastery is at the top of the list, possible now that I’ve permanently released old, limiting beliefs and regrets.  Freedom. To be an example of strength, endurance, flexibility, painless and graceful movement. A life full of opportunities to bless others through my Lighthouse Legacy Foundation. I longed to embody a gentle, yet powerful and courageous lioness. I claimed my lighthouse identity, steadfastly shining the light of divine love and infinite truth, charting a course to energetic transformation.  When I said I am 100% committed, having anchored my hope in Christ, it’s fair to say the timid lamb was heavily depending on another shepherd, creator of the blueprint/treasure map, to provide the daily inspiration that it took to help me build the confidence and realistic expectations and gratitude it would take to formulate a new identity  and understanding that mastery is a lifelong pursuit, not a destination having been achieved by accomplishment of some arbitrary objective.  I am grateful to have released short term gratification, immobility, fear, strongholds.

My goals for 90 days started with consistency in my chosen daily rituals: prayer, BB3 movement, Egoscue. I wanted to see myself as God sees me, not the struggling failure I had come to judge so harshly. (I couldn’t even look in the mirror for years) I asked for an exciting peer group, better friendships, better balance, progress in my physical mountain goals – to have lost inches, pounds and gained strength, flexibility, durability, vitality.   The 90 day UFBS challenge was a period of intensity and focus targeting improvement of my discipline The end of the challenge coincided with the birth of my first grandchild.  I was and am a devoted mother, a fierce defender and provider for my children, Tyler and Hunter.  I coveted active participation in Sadie’s life. Too often, I experienced motherhood as a “spectator” more than a participant. I was there for every game, every recital, graduation and big or small life event.  But too often, I had to drag myself with sheer willpower through the event.  I was committed, but I was not joy-filled.  There was too much physical and psychological pain blocking the participation that I now express.  This weekend, the boys went outside to toss the football, my super athletes, 30 and 24 years old. I marveled as I always did at their natural athleticism and graceful movements as they drilled each other with laser-like accuracy from one end of the cul de sac to the other.  Hunter is so hard core he ran barefoot as he believes his shoeless contact with the earth improves his energy.   Toward the end, I called for the ball.  How many times I missed sharing activities when they were young and playing baseball or football in the yard.  And the incredible regret and guilt I felt just watching and admiring them.  Well, no more – now 20 years later – I played ball and will continue to do so as we teach Sadie how to play fast pitch, golf and tennis – whatever her little heart desires.  Maybe she’ll love ballet and gymnastics like Granny did?  I love sharing training tidbits with the boys.  And I’ve become so confident that last week while Hunter and I were in my office waiting for news of Sadie’s arrival, I worked on planks and he showed me shoulder exercises with the TRX.  He commented that my plank position was perfect, flat as a board, and he showed me how pushing my elbows out and resisting could engage my core even more.  He said, it’s not about how long you hold the plank Mom, it’s how engaged you are from stem to stern – sound familiar coach?   I showed him my version of dynamic box breathing which helps quiet my monkey mind and he seemed receptive.  Moments experienced in the last couple of months are an answer to prayer. I could not have imagined last February at Plat Finance when Billy’s voice broke through the brain fog that had trapped me in believing I was stuck in a pain-filled, over-fat body – that I would re-write my story and heal more than my body – create an even deeper intimate relationship especially with my youngest, Hunter.

I followed the plan every day – reciting “Discipline leads to freedom” and re-playing the tutorials reminding myself “that’s all you gotta do!”  In the beginning it was a bit daunting and now I look forward to the challenge and wouldn’t miss the hikes I’ve added in the morning and evening.  My whole attitude toward movement has changed.  I move to relax now.


  • Weight​ – 18 pounds released during UFBS – 33 released since March training started
  • Measurements/Inches Released – Thighs 3.5”  Abdominals 4” Chest 6”:  13.5” overall
  • 1 mile walk on a flat track was 30 minutes when started.  Now I can run/walk 2 miles with lots of elevation in 20 minutes – doubled my distance, increased intensity in 2/3 the time!
  • 90 second pushups: ​Before: 11    –    Now: 22 with good form in 75 seconds
  • 90 second squats​: Before: 46​​​   –    Now: 53 good form, full range of motion
  • 90 second burpees: Before: ​25?​​​​​​   –   Now: 15 with good form
  • 90 second plank: Before: ​completed/bad form​​​​   –   Now: 90 seconds – perfect form, flat as a board!

In the beginning I struggled and was winded to climb my hill back from the beach, I can now sprint the hills with canines in tow!

When I’ve had challenges such as serious health issues, car accident, death in the family – I’ve stayed focused and on track with my training and nutrition program.  I like the rhythm of the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday skip breakfast and have even come to appreciate Sunday fasting because it reminds me I have developed mastery.  I now believe I own mastery because when life throws me a curve ball and I can’t exercise as planned I know I have the discipline to do it even late at night or the next day If I’m in an airport all day.  I substitute and modify, when needed, but I get it done because I know every day counts in building my strength, flexibility and endurance.


Significantly less ankle, hip and back pain – previously an intermittent scale of 6-7, I’m now down to 1-2 even after long hikes and standing on my feet for hours – which was not even possible before training.

Neighbors are noticing me walking and getting out more themselves – say I’m an inspiration

My boat crew was amazed at the physical/mental transformations – no more whiney little lamb, I am a roaring lioness and getting stronger every day. Actions speak louder than words.

My Mantras:  I am Liberty, the lioness.  I am a Platinum Courage Wolf.  Discipline leads to freedom.  That’s all I gotta do!  Love is reflected in love.  Create a space for grace.  I’m rich and wealthy – fit and healthy!  TODAY is filled with miracles, breakthroughs and abundance.

I have created momentum and I have a whole new level of living in a beautiful state, very consistently.  I no longer need a Plat Coach to hold me accountable to my training commitments – because I look forward to it and wouldn’t miss a day!  You should have heard me the first day I decided to run up a hill.  I just made up my mind, clapped my hands and commanded the canines, “come on kids, get up this hill” and off we went!  That was a triumph that I’ve celebrated over and over.  I was beyond thrilled to tell my Plat Coach how life has changed.  So, I’ve been able to free that coaching time up to work on my investment/passive income goals for my charities.

When I visited Siri at Believe Rescue Ranch, she told me “it is done” referring to my Lighthouse Legacy sustainable giving foundation.  And I linked that declaration right up to my body. It’s dropping scarcity/want/fear in favor of abundance and love. My little fearful lamb was afraid to go to Colorado with all the triathletes and go on a 5 am “run” with them.  But my lioness said – I will go and I will complete the course – even if I have to do it alone.  Of course, there were some awesome trail runners and there were a lot of fast hikers/walkers like me.  I was not the last one – and the most important thing was I didn’t opt out based on fear of holding others back or embarrassing myself.  I have learned a lot about courage and failure.  It’s only a fail if I give up, get lazy or don’t try.  It’s a win when I keep moving with courage, determination, looking the way I want to look – with a smile on my face – knowing every step, ever squat, every push up is a WIN!  And the same is true for my nutrition program – every day I follow the program, eating 500 calories/meal with about 40 grams of protein.  I don’t even think about the old goal and the doctor telling me I’d never lose weight without medication or bariatric surgery.  I know “all I gotta do” is follow the program.  Each morning I have prayer time, Bible/inspirational book time and then I hope there’s a new audio from Billy.  When there isn’t one, I listen to an older one and watch him do the exercises on my daily task list – just to get the proper form in my head.

I’m so grateful Billy re-framed the “over achiever all or nothing” mindset for me.  I’ve learned to be grateful for the small evidences of progress.  I’m over the tyranny of the scale.  And I compete with myself – to do one more rep with better form, or hike faster, or go a little further.  My flexibility has always been good, but it’s better.  When I started, quad stretches hurt a lot and now I can stretch that leg up behind me in a modified scale after the initial quad stretch.  Almost back to a full split on the ground, even the right side which has a titanium hip!  Every day, I’m getting leaner and leaner – faster and faster – happier and happier.  My natural state is “happy.”  If you could see me now, you’d see tears of pure joy streaming down my face.  There are no words to adequately thank you coach for reaching down inside me and grabbing me by the heart and making me believe I am Liberty – truly free, thanks to discipline.

With deepest gratitude,

Cynthia Niles