Sandy Rollo

For many years, I was in good shape and able to maintain a decent size through exercise and a good diet. Then two years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). I had every symptom in the book, from fatigue, restlessness, tremors, heart palpitations, to hot flashes, and the best, weight loss. Since my thyroid was overactive, I had an extremely high metabolism. I could eat almost anything all day long and know that the next day I would have probably lost a pound.

My doctor put me on a high dosage of medication for months to reduce my thyroid activity. This high dosage can, however, have severe side effects if taken for a long period of time. I was given only two options. To either have my thyroid surgically removed or receive a radioactive iodine treatment. No matter which procedure I chose, my thyroid function would cease, and, in the end, I would end up with Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). I chose to have the radiation treatment. I chose to have the radiation treatment. I really didn’t want to go under the knife.

For the first few months after the treatment, none of my symptoms changed. I was still losing weight and eating everything in sight. Meanwhile, at leisure, I was still exercising. In the back of my head though, I was worried that once my thyroid goes underactive, my metabolism would slow up. After another month or so, that’s exactly what happened. I started showing symptoms of hypothyroidism. Dark circles under my eyes, extremely tired and cold all the time, and worst of all – weight gain.

I continued exercising on my own, like I always had before, with out any personal training or joining a gym. I also believed I was maintaining a decent diet. The exercise and diet didn’t work this time and I ended up gaining over 20 lbs. I was not happy with the way my clothes fit or with the way I looked. Mentally, my attitude was going down quickly.

Finally, I decided to join a gym so I could have the opportunity to do exercise regimens other than what I did at home, but I still worked out on my own for some time. That still was not working. I finally leveled off with my weight gain. I was not able to take any weight off no matter what I tried. Everyone told me that I still looked O.K. I know that I am not a very large person, but I’ve always been smaller. Twenty extra pounds is not comfortable, for anyone, no matter what size you are.

Finally, I signed up for an orientation. I said to myself, “What do I have to lose?” (since there is a money back guarantee) I had nothing to lose except for the weight that I had gained. I talked to Billy Beck III, and that lit was all I needed to get started. Throughout the next 12 weeks I worked with Billy. I lifted three times a week and did cardio three times a week. I learned valuable information on nutrition, from fat, protein, good carbs, bad carbs, sugars, etc. Billy and I met every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for twelve weeks and then once a week after that and to keep me on track, we measure every four weeks.

After only four weeks, I didn’t think there was going to me much of a difference. I had lost only four pounds, but I was surprised to see my body fat percentage go down 4%. I was shocked. Eating more food and exercising less than an hour. After twelve weeks, I have lost 24 pounds of fat and gained muscle tone and also many complements. I really enjoy it. I learned a lot of great information that I will use for the rest of my life. Finally, I am now happy physically and mentally with the person I’ve become.

Thanks Billy!

Sandy Rollo