First of all I want to thank you! You will never know the small things you’ve done for me, have made a huge impact on my journey. The first time I met you, you told me that “for every excuse you give me, I will give you that many reasons why you won’t succeed”. I will never forget that.

When July 1st. hit, I was so excited to start this challenge. I had just come back from the Platinum Adventure trip and I had gained weight. I was ready to be a grown up Lion and do this right. Two weeks into this challenge, I had to go to Mayo Clinic with my husband Coosh. It was very stressful. I was feeling overwhelmed and I reached out to you that night in the hotel for advice. Within 3 minutes you responded to me. What you said to me made me get up the next morning in the hotel and workout in the bathroom. Instead of riding the shuttle to the hospital, we walked. I’m not sure if the old me was reaching out for you to tell me it’s okay to not workout for a few days and eating comfort foods while he was in surgery, but you didn’t. You made me realize my health and body were just as important as Coosh’s. Coosh now say’s “I inspire him everyday”. Then about a month later I was at a plateau and you sent the group a message. It was the perfect time for me to hear it. Once again I reached out to you. The next morning you not only had a message for me, but you were sitting next to Tony on the plane and it was coming from you and Tony. Y’all gave me a Mental Blueprint exercise to do. This was a game changer. I read it every morning, when I’m in the car, before and after my workouts and before I went to bed. I really started to believe it. I finally broke through my plateau and then some. Your kind words and knowledge were so powerful to me.

I haven’t reached my goals yet but I know I will get there. My journey doesn’t end here today. It’s just a part of it. As of today I have lost 18.8lbs and 10.5 inches, I have more energy, I can finish my workouts 100%. When I first started, I could run/walk a mile in 16.32 minutes and now I can run it without walking in 14.37 minutes. I actually now love my workouts. Strength training makes me feel strong and powerful, and mentally I have never felt better. The BB3 community is kind, supportive and inspiring.

This journey has been a huge breakthrough for me.

I’m now the CEO of my health. I now have the hunger to research and grow mentally not only for me, but my entire family and friends. The knowledge I now have is because of what I’ve learned through your teachings.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart,