March 11, 2022 I wrote a note at the top on my journal:

“BB3 – Start this now, for life”

Before 6-month challenge:

  1. Pudgy, belly fat, thighs had no gap between them, & just wore sweat or chef’s pants.
  2. Had pastries, breads, cookies, 2-3 glasses of alcohol a week, not enough water.
  3. Couldn’t pass my pastry shop without tasting something. In my 14,000 Sq. Ft. Kitchen and chocolate room, I would taste all day (as a chef) unconsciously, and not even realize what I had eaten all day.
  4. Weight: 138 lbs.
  5. Did not like how I felt or looked in my clothes. Never wore sleeveless or bathing suits without coverups.
  6. Constant rib and back pain. I was going to chiropractors, doctors, massage, etc. to try and eliminate my back pain. Also, had weird foot pain that kept me up at night.
  7. Low energy in the morning and needed coffee to wake up – slept until 8 every morning.
  8. Got winded easily. Told myself, “I’m not a morning person and don’t know how people work out in the morning.”
  9. “Working out” I dreaded and felt like I “had to” do it to keep in shape. I was always comparing myself to others (mostly relative’s) physical abilities. Never formulated a “why” i was working out other than, “I HAVE TO lose weight.”
  10. Always told myself, “I’m not an athlete or competitive” like the rest of my crazy family (they’re almost all athletes and obsessed with competitive sports) I felt like something was wrong with me that I didn’t have that “it” desire to go out and compete or beat others.

After 6-months of Billy’s coaching:

September 21, 2022

  1. My arms and thighs are smaller and tighter, my inner thighs don’t even touch! I am flexible, more agile, don’t get winded at all (unless I’m trying to )
  2. No more alcohol in my life – don’t miss it at all. No sugar unless honey or homemade granola.
  3. I can walk through my bar and past all our pastries and appreciate the artistry that goes into our work without having to eat anything not on my BB3 plan. I have the 3 meals ( or 2 ) in the plan, I feel full satisfied and great! I don’t experience hunger pains.
  4. 64 oz. Water (easily) a day – my skin feels nice.
  5. Weigh 118 lbs. now (lost 20 lbs.)- have gone from an size 8 to a size 4. Med to Lg. T-shirts to Small T-shirts.
  6. I really like how I look in my clothes and feel. So many people also have complimented me on my progress and how I look. Also, so many comments about not looking my age – which is fun.
  7. No more foot or back pain. My rib pain is better after each daily plan and I don’t notice it anymore.
  8. No more chiropractors or doctors to try and ease rib pain.
  9. The BIGGEST changes are my mindset and discipline (first time EVER in my life working out each morning. ) I enjoy it. I’m not competing with anyone in the world but myself. I’m feeling the genuine love for myself, body, and I’m excited about treating myself with respect and gratitude. Read and journal before sleep at night. Sleep 8 hours. Wake-up at 6 AM meditate, cold plunge, then work the plan.
  10. I’m keeping this promise to myself and I’m following through everyday: this is HUGE for me.
  11. I’m taking a cold plunge every morning, drinking my BLK- loving energy -BB’s vitamins mix and heading straight to my daily plan.
  12. LOVE Billy’s variety and flexibility to “have fun” moving. Damn, what a novel concept Also, the small, bite-size steps to the daily plan feel completely attainable and never overwhelming.
  13. Got Billy’s input for when I got COVID. Really only 3 days of panther crawling and I was back to the regular plan for the day. Learned about 27 Vitamins company.

My Big WHY and vision that I see EVERYDAY:

I will be 90, (25 years from now,) and I will be healthy and energetic enough to play with my great grandchildren.

My mom is 90 and she is playing with my grandchildren. She was an athlete all her life, ate right, doesn’t drink, no sugar, “plays in her yard everyday”- i see myself doing the same thing.

Well, plus I see myself in Fiji

Thank you Billy- Life changing dude, but of course you know that!