Bob Fargo

Let me tell you about Billy Beck’s program. IT WORKS. Quite simply, not over stated or understated: IT WORKS.

I have been working out and training for nearly 20 years. That doesn’t mean I trained a year and took 6 months off, trained 6 months took a year off, that means I have been training and working out consistently for nearly 20 years. I have competed in amateur bodybuilding contests and power lifting contests. I have been on ‘get big’ diets and ‘get lean’ diets. I have tried just about everything at one time or another. Every gimmick fad or latest craze I have pursued in an effort to push myself and my body to unparalleled heights and achievements. I am not a genetic freak and have a professional job that requires me to travel nearly 3 to 4 nights a week on business so please don’t get the idea that I do this for a living or I work in a gym. I am just trying to make myself better just like each and every one of you reading this. And until I met Billy nothing worked! Sure I got results from some of the diets and training programs but nothing like I knew I should have been getting. That is until Billy Beck put it all together for me. His combination of training, diet and above all motivation helped make me the person I am and look like today. At 37 I look and feel better than I did at 21. And the best thing is Billy makes it all understandable and interesting in a clear concise program. I won’t say it is easy, because it is hard work, but it is fun. Really, how can’t it be fun with Billy showing YOU how to look better than you ever have in your whole entire life!